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Cure Acid Reflux With This Excellent Program

So what exactly do you get for your money?

Like many Internet products, Heartburn No More offers a basic package and an advanced package. With the advanced package, you get the basic package plus a high-quality DVD and a cookbook designed to give you lots of options for food that will help cure acid reflux.

I’ll discuss the advanced package in another post lower down this page. To start with I want to talk about the basic package.

What’s In Heartburn No More?

The main item within the Heartburn No More system is an eBook that consists of an amazing 214 pages of information about this proven drug-free holistic system for eliminating acid reflux and remedying heartburn.

When I first saw this my heart sank because I thought 214 pages was a week’s worth of reading – but things were desperate, so I dove straight in.

It’s an extremely well-organized eBook that starts by explaining exactly what heartburn and acid reflux are, and what really causes them – you might be surprised to learn about some of the things responsible. You may know about smoking and alcohol, but yeast infections, certain medications, and eating certain foods are more surprising causes of acid reflux.

Then there’s a section on how stomach problems are diagnosed, describing the signs and symptoms of acid reflux and reflux disease, followed by more information about the complications that can arise.

The author, Jeff Martin, then moves into a comparison of holistic medicine, which I prefer to call complementary medicine, and conventional medicine, for the treatment of heartburn.

He explains how to find out the causes and remedies for heartburn and acid reflux in your own particular situation.

What I particularly liked about this section is the way Jeff Martin describes various heartburn remedies, both natural and from doctors and drug companies. He has some amazing information on the “traps” in treating heartburn.

For example, he questions what incentive a doctor has to help you find a home remedy for heartburn in self-help methods, complementary therapies, and a truly holistic approach to illness? Answer – almost none. Your doctor is most likely tied into heartburn treatments which are drug-based solutions.

After that you’re into the “meat” of the program – apologies to any vegetarians reading this! – with the Heartburn No More “mini-program”, which gets you started quickly, and deals with the worst symptoms almost immediately. 

Next comes the full, holistic, 5-step system, which gives you PERMANENT heartburn relief.

There are 10 dietary principles that form the basis of the 5-step system.

In addition, Jeff Martin also describes a whole load of supplements and cleansing processes you can use to restore your system to its normal balance.

Think of that as the foundation stone from which you can move onwards and upwards, with a slightly different diet and a slightly different lifestyle (nothing difficult, mind!) to ensure acid reflux and heartburn never return.

I especially liked his section on cleansing, because the truth is that our modern diets are not wonderful, containing too much meat, sugar and fat…. and by simply adopting a different diet for a few days you can purify and cleanse your system and get back to where you should be. It’s quite amazing.

Now, as I have already hinted, the author, Jeff Martin, goes on to explain how you can use heartburn remedies to maintain a completely balanced, acid-reflux-free environment in your digestive tract.

As you can imagine, that is one of the most valuable aspects of the whole eBook.

Another very useful section is the appendices: number one, about complementary treatments for heartburn; number two, about detoxification diets; numbers three and four, about liver and gall bladder flushes; and number five, full of helpful tips from real customers, a beautiful section of valuable feedback from people who have used this program as a natural remedy for acid reflux and the remediation of heartburn.

While that does seem like a lot of information, what saves this from being overwhelming is the Heartburn No More mini program to get you started. That gives you instant results, and then you can take the rest of the program a little bit at a time. I really like that approach.

A very extensive Handbook on such things as how fasting, exercise, diet, massage, yoga, and nutrition (and a whole load more by the way), can serve as tools to increase your health and vitality. It’s certainly an interesting read but I have to be honest and say that I didn’t really use it much.

The information that you need to heal the pain and damage of acid reflux is in the main eBook.

My mom, for whom we bought the system, read it over a period of 3 to 4 weeks, and as a result, she is now taking several supplements that she swears have made a massive difference to her health.

She also identified several allergies, and now avoids certain foods, which again she believes has made a massive difference to her well-being.

We all agree she does look a lot brighter, more sparkly, more clear-eyed, and frankly a lot more energetic than before!

How and When To Be Your Own Doctor

An interesting, rather extensive eBook, written by a doctor who moved into the field of natural cures, when she became convinced that much modern medicine was counter-productive, if not even unhelpful.

She says many common conditions can be treated without reference to medical practitioners! Again, it’s an interesting read, but it’s not really about curing acid reflux itself.

The great thing about it lies in the fact that you can make a decision about how far you want to go with self-medication and self-care before resorting to medication from your doctor.

The Healing Power of Water

It’s fascinating to see what a doctor within the medical profession has to say about natural remedies vs medical treatment. In some ways, there was never a better case for natural remedies than this!

The Definitive Guide to Managing IBS

And what can I say about this? It really is exactly what it says, and if you know anyone with irritable bowel syndrome, this will be extremely useful for them.

The combination of acupuncture, dietary modification, and mind/body therapy is a powerful and effective way to cure IBS.

Read on below to find out more about the advanced material in Heartburn No More.

Heartburn No More: Cures Acid Reflux & Provides Heartburn Relief In Hours

Hi! Maria Edwards here. I’m a complementary therapist and mom living in the UK. A few years ago I had severe symptoms of heartburn caused by acid reflux, so I can understand exactly what you’re going through.

Now, please read on to find out how I permanently cured it using the program Heartburn No More –  I have never had a moment’s trouble since!

If you have heartburn there’s no doubt you’ll want to get rid of that horrible burning pain – not to mention all the other symptoms: belching and burping, pain and indigestion… symptoms you know only too well, I guess.

I know about heartburn because when my first child was born, I developed a severe case of acid reflux. The agonizing pain was, to put it mildly, one of the less pleasant experiences of my life.

What made it worse was the fact that the medication I was given – Zantac – had some horrible side-effects, including quite severe depression.

Later, when I went back to the doctor I was given Prilosec, which didn’t work particularly well either. And, as you may, know there are some issues about its safety, anyway.

So I turned to the Internet, and I discovered the program Heartburn No More, which I heartily recommend to you as a possible remedy for your acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), heartburn and all the other symptoms you may be experiencing.

The reason I recommend this program is because it worked for me. Bottom line: I know it works, I’ve seen it work, and even if you have any doubts, with a 60-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying it out (except the pain…) 

And, even better, to help you decide if it’s for you, I’m going to tell you exactly what you get for your money and why I think it’s likely to be the answer to your heartburn or acid reflux.

Heartburn No More

Right. So, first things first. When you buy this program the whole signup process is very smooth and efficient, and you get a couple of emails offering unlimited support and help with acid reflux remedies.

And that says a lot to me about the quality of the program.

Of course, it’s obvious the man who wrote the Heartburn No More book, a former acid reflux sufferer called Jeff Martin, isn’t doing this just out of charity. He is going to make money out of this.

But for me the important questions are: does it all make sense?  Is the information true? Can I trust the author and the company selling this product?

Let’s see if there are any obvious answers to those questions….

The fact that the publishers and authors offer – AND DELIVER! – unlimited support looks great! The author is clearly on your side from the very beginning. By the way, I’ve tested this out and it’s actually true, Jeff will get back to you by email inside of 24 hours.

As for whether or not the information in Heartburn No More makes sense or not, you only have to look at the reviews people have put on the Internet — and by that I mean genuine reviews, truthful reviews, not so-called review websites from people who just want to sell the program!

So one of the interesting things is that out of 82 reviews posted online:
60 people gave it 5 stars out of 5,
9 people gave it 4 stars out of 5
6 people gave it 3 stars out of 5.

That’s an impressive 91% of people who rated it at 3 stars or above. The reviewers’ comments included:

“The advice in this book is the best Information I have ever seen about diagnosing heartburn and its related symptoms, and also telling me how to treat myself using natural remedies without medications. The years I suffer from bloating, gas, a number of other horrible acid reflux symptoms, and they are now all completely gone, and I have also lost 10 pounds! I couldn’t be more delighted!”

“As a traveling musician, I lots of junk food late at night, drank lots of beer, and unsurprisingly also ate a lot of Tums! After a year, we are suffering so badly from acid reflux I just had to see a doctor. His recommendation? Prilosec — forever. Not prepared to accept that, I searched out this health information, and I have to tell you I’m blown away by how successful Heartburn NM has been.  Not only have all my symptoms disappeared, but I’ve lost weight and I’m in better shape than I’ve been in for years!”

Now I know these are only people’s personal opinions, but they are pretty impressive, and there are lots more like them.

But more impressive still is the fact that I used this system myself and it worked beautifully to cure my acid reflux and heartburn, and my mother used it to cure her acid reflux and heartburn, and the two of us have never felt better and we have never had any more stomach problems – ever!

OK, so these are the recommendations of people who tried it and for whom it worked well. But obviously there’s a possibility it doesn’t work for some people….

And that’s why the Money-back Guarantee you get with Heartburn No More is so impressive — if it doesn’t work for you – well, you’ve lost nothing.

So read on below find out more about it, more about the content and the information in it. 

Good Emotional Health: Overcoming Rejection


Everybody faces rejection at some time in their life. Sometimes we are rejected for a job and occasionally we face rejection in relationships. Most people just forget about the rejection and get on with their lives, looking for new and better opportunities.

But there are some who are taken aback by rejection and can’t accept the fact. After several rejections, these people acquire a fear of rejection, which prevents them from giving their best and results in still more rejection. So the fear of rejection develops into a vicious circle.

Many people who experience fear of rejection have had a troubled childhood. They did not feel loved by their parents or other family members, and an odious comparison with siblings or other children brought on a feeling of inadequacy.

Many of these children imitate the behavior of those who they admire in a misguided attempt to fulfill their parents’ expectations, resulting in them trying to discard their own personality and disguise themselves as someone else. They grow up to be adults with low self esteem and distorted personalities.

Sufferers tend to exhibit a particular pattern of behavior. They are unwilling to communicate openly and hesitate to express their views. And if their views happen to be different from those of the ones they are trying to please, they find it difficult to disagree and keep their personal feelings hidden.

Fear of rejection in relationships often comes from previous rejections or failed relationships. Sufferers do not want to initiate a relationship for fear of being turned down. When in a relationship they tend to take it too seriously, too soon.

This can be disturbing to the other person and result in a failed relationship. People with a fear of rejection are often manipulated by the people they try to please. In groups, they are always at the periphery and are not allowed within their inner circle.

Fear of rejection, like many other social phobias, can be overcome by positive action. Here are a few tips for overcoming the fear of rejection. Many sufferers have become conditioned to always trying to please others. So become aware of when you’re feeling this way and learn to say ‘no’ when people’s demands or requests seem unreasonable.

By saying ‘no’ you are respecting your own needs and boosting your self confidence. Also you will learn to understand and respect those occasions when people say no to you.

Learn how to please yourself and work out in advance your needs for the day and calculate how to achieve them. Don’t let yourself be sidetracked by others who ant to put their needs before yours. This will show you the way to feeling comfortable about saying ‘no’ to others if you feel the need.

Remember that you have a fundamental right to be happy. Don’t allow your feelings of self-worth be governed by whether or not you’re rejected by other people. If you face rejection, tell yourself to move on. If you are rejected for a job or experience any other form of rejection, simply move on and don’t take it personally. Start looking for other opportunities which may turn out better.

Always remember that if you hold back from interacting with people because of your fear of rejection, you miss out on the possibility of acceptance and all that it can bring. If you place yourself in a position where people can’t say ‘no’, then you don’t offer them the opportunity to say ‘yes’.


While working as a therapist, I have come across many men and women who have an extreme fear of rejection which has been based on the pain they have experienced when previous relationships have come to an end.

How ironic, do you not think, that we can be prevented from getting into a relationship because of our fear of what we may experience when it comes to an end?
And yet, where human relationships are concerned, such fear is far from uncommon. Would you believe it possible that a man or woman could refrain from engaging in a sexual relationship, simply because they feared rejection?

I suppose to some of you that may not come as a surprise, but perhaps those of you who find this a little disquieting may be reassured if I define “rejection” by means of a story about a client of mine.

One man who came to see me was so traumatized by his sexual experience that he had not sought out a relationship after his first disastrous experience with a woman at the age of 18.

Somewhat older than him, she had derided his sexual competence after he ejaculated within two minutes of intercourse starting. In fact, she told him to get out of her bed and get out of the house, and never to see her again.

This proved to be so traumatic for the man concerned, possibly because he felt shamed, but more likely because the sheer rejection was too much to cope with, and far too damaging for his self-esteem to be easily rebuilt, that he had never attempted to form a sexual relationship with a woman again — until he came to see me at the age of 37.
Now then, you begin to see the power of rejection?

I would define rejection as anything that severs connection between two or more people, no matter how tenuous; or anything which can leave your his self-esteem in tatters due to the way an individual had spoken to you, behaved towards you, or feels towards you.

After all, rejection is really, at its root, about the existential denial of another person’s right to be different to yourself, another person’s right to do whatever they are doing, another person’s right to be there, or another person’s right to have the characteristics that they have (such as premature or delayed ejaculation).

I know it’s a very sweeping and wide definition, but I believe it to be appropriate. When you think about it, one of the key factors in maintaining social order is to exclude those who have failed to comply with society’s system of control, its dictates, orders, legislation, and customs even.
You see this in many animal societies, particularly those which depend on a social existence for survival against predators: horses, for example, will exclude an individual from the herd for as long as it takes to modify its behavior. When re-admitted to the herd, the behavior of the excluded individual is very different. Very conforming.

So exclusion and rejection are powerful weapons that animals and humans use, unconsciously or consciously, against each other in the search for — well, what? Social dominance, social order, social exclusion?

So why, for example, would a woman in bed with the young man mentioned above, berate and deride him for his failure to sustain intercourse for longer than a few minutes?

Certainly this may have reflected a disappointment, but it’s an unkind and harsh way of expressing disappointment. Does this mean that rejection is sometimes the consequence of people’s inexperience, social ability or lack of social ability?

Might it be that when disappointment is expressed in such profound terms of rejection, that the real problem lies in the emotional in articulacy of the person who is wounding the other?

Yes, to some extent, certainly. But it also lies in the fact that person wounded is sensitive enough to be damaged by this rejection, and not strong enough to stand up and put a boundary in place which would consist, perhaps, of something like: “That is completely unacceptable; do not speak to me like that; I have no intention of seeing you ever again.”

This of course is something that comes from self-confidence and social experience, so we’re beginning to form a picture, perhaps, of people who feel rejection, or rather more accurately fear rejection, as those who may not be particularly self-confident, those who perhaps have weak boundaries, and those who have been wounded in childhood.

The problem is of course that in childhood there are many ways we can be wounded.

We are very sensitive as individuals by nature, and because of the need for social interaction, and in particular the need to be part of a group, it’s especially true that those of us who are brought up without consideration and respect will be very sensitive indeed to rejection.

Exclusion from the group is exclusion from many other things — not just internal values like appreciation and approval, but sometimes, at least, biologically and instinctually, exclusion from protection, survival and even existence itself.

With such existential forces at work, it’s no wonder that people fear rejection, to the extent of having a phobia around it. What can you do if you have a fear of rejection?
My suggestion would be that you use a good therapeutic technique, of which there are many to choose from; your difficulty may lie more in finding the one that is suitable for you than in finding a therapy that works.

I’ve experienced clients gaining great benefit from Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT, or EFT tapping. If you’d like some information about EFT and phobia, please click on this link EFT and phobia – training to lower anxiety.

Now supposing that you don’t believe in energy therapy like EFT, what are you going to do? The answer probably lies in conventional psychotherapy on a one-to-one basis, and you can obtain details and information about therapists who may be able to deal with fear of rejection from either the American Counseling Association or the British Association For Counseling and Psychotherapy.


A recent client of mine had a huge fear of rejection: of getting rejected by the opposite sex, of rejection when meeting new people in general, even when trying to get a job. He didn’t enjoy going out anymore and was pretty unhappy most of the time.

When we talked, it became clear he believed that rejection would mean everyone would lose respect for him. And he would feel worthless. So why was he so dependent on othe rpeople’s opinions? Read on.

Fear Of Rejection And How It Damages Your Life

Fear of rejection is based on the irrational belief that no one will accept you as you are, nor accept what you stand for and how you behave. This fear can be the product of rejection in early childhood, or later in life.  But these days, therapists and counselors tend to find ways to overcome the fear of rejection rather than look at its origins!

We’ll examine these techniques in a moment.
But first, fear of getting rejected can impact on you in many ways:

  • It makes you think what other people think of you is more important than your own opinion of yourself.
  • It puts others in charge of how you feel and gives them the power to “push your buttons”.
  • It makes you fearful of saying or doing something “wrong”. 
  • It makes you withhold your true self because you fear of not being accepted and respected.
  • It makes you look for reassurance from other people and want their approval.
  • It distances you from other people because they sense your neediness.
  • It makes you jealous in relationships.
  • It may make you try to get into relationship too fast, looking for security. 
  • Fear of rejection can make you reject others (before they reject you!)
  • Fear of rejection may make you want to fit into society’s norms and standards instead of being unique.

Techniques To Overcome Fear Of Rejection

Instead of fearing rejection, think about benefits from overcoming your fear:

  • Focus on a positive outcome: the date, the possible new friend, the new job.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you do get rejected.
  • Decide to be courageous and go for your desired outcome.
  • If you do get rejected, be proud of yourself for trying.
    Set boundaries: be clear about what you want.
  • For example, the person you want to date must be a friendly, honest person. The job you want must have a specific salary and amount of free days.
  • Note that if you settle only for what you want, you will naturally decrease your fear of rejection. After all you are now setting expectations as well!

Often being rejected has no real consequences – except on your self-esteem. So make sure you have words ready to deal with rejection: if it’s a date who doesn’t want to see you again, for example, say, “OK, it was nice meeting you anyway, have a nice day.”

Or when you get rejected after the job interview, you could say “OK, I understand, thank you for considering me as a candidate. Would you mind telling me what I could have done better so I can improve on my next job interview?”

All of these things indicate confidence and so help to reduce your fear of rejection. I might add there is nothing wrong with playing at being confident – rehearsing it, even if you don’t feel it, is a good way to develop real confidence and overcome fear of rejection.

And further more, don’t take rejection personally. If you get rejected it can be a blow to the ego, but try to see it in perspective. 

Getting rejected is inevitable in life. It will happen. If you accept this as a fact and decide to go for it anyway you become more powerful.

Note also that rejection only has the meaning YOU give it. So if your fear of rejection is based on the fact that rejection means you are unworthy and a loser, change the meaning you give it to something more productive, for example: “I did not get the outcome that I wanted.

This means I need to consider changing my approach. I can now use this knowledge to my advantage because I now know how not to do this! “


Do you fear new relationships because you worry that you will be rejected?

If the fear of rejection is stopping you forming new friendships or relationships, fear not! I will show you several techniques which will effectively overcome your fear of rejection.

Rejection causes so much difficulty because we link it to qualities that no-one wants: very negative views of oneself. (Loser, pathetic, inadequate…and so on. You no doubt know what I mean.)

But the more you think about the possibility of rejection, the harder it is to face another event when you might get rejected again!

And if you happen to be emotionally sensitive, or your self-esteem’s a bit shaky, or if you’ve had a dysfunctional or abusive childhood, rejection can seem like the end of the world. (Of course, a lot depends on how you define “rejection”. So at least some of this is “all in the mind”.)

However, whether you are sensitive and shy, or confident and out-going, you can change the way you talk to yourself about the your fear of rejection: sure, this means practicing some new ways of thinking about rejection, and you will need the help of some good techniques to develop more supportive ways of thinking.

But one thing remains: if you want to interact with other people and make friends, you have to accept that occasionally people will reject you.

To make fear of rejection less powerful, and reduce the possibility of rejection you can:

  • Remind yourself what beating your fear of rejection will do for you (things like having a happy social life)
  • Change the way you talk to yourself about rejection and stop tying your self-worth to acceptance and rejection
  • Take small steps when developing new relationships
    Know which people to look for (avoiding those who will reinforce a pattern of rejection)
  • Perhaps – depending how brave you are – set out to experience rejection (that way you’ll learn fear of rejection is not so bad)
  • Decide to make approaches to other people with an open mind about the outcome
  • Make a lot of approaches to other people.

One way that you can lessen the fear of rejection is to develop relationships slowly. Your efforts can then be low key and casual, rather than intense. Also, check out a person’s body language and facial expressions.

Do they give you encouragement with smiles and nods? Is their posture open or closed? Do you sense they wish to carry on with the conversation?

If the other person shows no signs of rejection, and is enjoying your company, then you must overcome fear of rejection and make some invitation that will continue the relationship. 

Although this may sound terrifying, and indeed may spark your fear of rejection, one way to get over fear of rejection is to put yourself into places and situations where you will get rejected a lot. This is a dramatic kind of therapy, but it is the choice of some therapists in the treatment of shyness.

If you actually confront the situations which cause you to develop a fear of rejection, dealing with the feared event will reduce its power over you. Use some techniques to develop new ways of thinking about rejection, so you can get over negative and self doubting thoughts.

If you have a profound fear of rejection, you may believe your self-worth depends on whether people “approve” of you or accept you. But judging your worth in this way is going to build low self-esteem, because you can become so overwhelmed by negative emotions that you don’t even see the flaws in your thinking.

By making many social overtures, you can clearly see that rejection is simply a part of life. It does not mean you are a flawed human being.

Another important point: even though you cannot control rejection, you can control how you respond to rejection.

If you condemn yourself and stop interacting if you think someone will reject you, then you will miss out on all the warmth, pleasure, fun and excitement that other people can offer you.

And it’s a truth that if you do not put yourself in a situation where a man or woman may say “no” to you, you will never be in a situation where they can say “yes”. 

So, the more often you interact with others, the more likely you will be to overcome your fear of rejection. Even though some of those people will reject you, the odds of some people accepting you is still greater than it would be if you met no-one!

The Essence of a Great Relationship


One of the interesting things about men and women in a relationship is that they have such different expectations of each other. One of the reasons for this is that we all conditioned socially from the moment we are born into certain roles and certain beliefs about ourselves.

One experiment was very telling in this respect, when a number of researchers brought a baby into a group of people, with the baby dressed in pink clothing.GREAT RELATIONSHIP

The people treated the baby, men and women alike, with gentleness and cooed over it; when the same baby was brought in dressed in a denim suit, so that men and women and assumed it was a boy, they were much more energetic and vigorous with it, much less gentle, and adopted a completely different linguistic approach to it.
So right from birth boys are conditioned to expect life to be harder in some way, and certainly to be more oriented about achievement than emotion.

This is a hard fact to get our heads around, because many of the issues in society, and certainly many of the ills of relationship that we experience, come from the fact that boys are not brought up to be sensitive and emotional.

And you can see this in the way that any little boy is told to be a man, not to cry, or praised for his achievements. Girls are praised for being nice and kind and sensitive.

Now clearly these are such deep differences that we are not likely to be able to overcome them any time soon!

And both sexes are entitled to their needs and feelings. I sometimes wonder if it’s possible that the reason that we treat boys and girls like this is that we’re actually genetically programmed to do so.

You see, the fact is that I believe we are deeply directed by our genetic inheritance, and for the generations in which we evolved, there would have been very different requirements on men and women: men would have been required to go out and be brave, not to show their fear, and to hunt fearlessly.

Women would have been required to stay at home, maintain a social connection with their partners, and look after the children.

All of these things are bound to give certain predilections and predispositions in a relationship. So maybe the answer is that what we should be doing is looking to the common ground, the needs of men and women have in common.

And then, when we’ve identified them, perhaps we should be treating them differently in the two sexes. It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it?

You see, although love tends to be thought of as romance, and perhaps even as a feminine emotion, the truth is that men respect and like it just as much as women do.

And not just as a means to sex, though many men are oriented to make a woman come. (OK, here it is, guys, advice for men on how to make a woman orgasm.)

Men just don’t admit the fact they think love is good, nice, fun, and it’s certainly very sexy. Men and women appreciate love alike. What we don’t want is to let the other sex romanticize love, or turn it into a sex-fest.

Many men “fight” women who want to have hugs and kisses, pushing them away, and not understanding how much women need to be pampered and lavished with affection, and how much they are hurt if men don’t seem to care.

Love is essential for the well-being of all women. But is it essential for the well-being of men, too? I think the truth is probably much less so because men are able to cut themselves off from their feelings, even within relationships, in a way that women are not.

One of the interesting questions that men can ask themselves to try and understand their relationship to love a little better is whether or not they enjoy loving attention, whether or not they enjoy getting the little things that women do to show how much they care about the man therewith.

So women love nurturing men, and men love being nurtured, but they just don’t like to admit the fact.

When women lavish men with loving gestures men and women alike feel good. A man’s ego is boosted, so is a woman’s.

Men take pleasure in being cared for if they can allow themselves to relax into the experience. So if that’s true for men, why should men object when women ask for the same thing?

You see how these things are all about interpretation and expectation. They are about the beliefs that we hold about ourselves: so while men find it hard to whisper sweet loving words to their female partner, it’s amazing what a difference that will make to a woman’s feeling of well-being.

If a man finds that the conversation he is having over the telephone with his female partner is just irritating and annoying, rather than something that he treasures and look forward to, then no wonder women feel disempowered, diminished, and perhaps even unloved!
The truth of the matter is that women don’t judge men by the size of what they do, which is a shame for men who like to make big gestures!

Women judge men by the fact that they do little things that show how much they care about the woman, and how much they think about her, even when they’re not together.

These are the things that make a woman love a man, that might romanticize a woman’s feelings towards a man, and enable her to express her sexual nature towards him.

Manifestation: Ways To Create The Things You Truly Want

We do have the ability to produce our objective reality; what I am saying by this is that given adequate commitment, along with the appropriate spiritual issues being satisfied, we can all manifest the reality that we desire in the world around us.

A lot of people deride this, saying The Laws of Creation, which are also called the Cosmic of Attraction, are rubbish.

We are pleased to present the second in a series of videos that promote science and critical thinking through the use of humor, wit, and satire. In this video, B.Y.T.H. Busters: The Secret Law of Attraction, Adam Average, and Jamie Imtheman put the “Law of Attraction” to the test. If you missed our first video, The Con Academy, watch it now!

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However, should you consider the history of research on this type of technique it appears mysterious and magical, which is maybe why the facts have been kept in secrecy for so many centuries?

Yet, in every country, there have been magicians and sensitive men and women, shamans, and hidden groups dedicated to understanding and applying the laws of attraction for an edge on the planet. Neither is there is anything cryptic about this. It’s a wonderful and normal human talent.

And remarkably it seems the Bible describes the law of attraction, most obviously when one sees the verse: “As a man thinketh in his heart so he is”.

The first modern-day conceptualization of the concepts of manifestation was studied and detailed by Napoleon Hill, who summarized the principles of manifestation in his amazing book “Think and Grow Rich”. This work has been regarded as a classic to this day.

Hill provided hints throughout the pages of his book about the methods of creation. And boy, were they obscure! It was as though he believed that only men and women who could conceptualize the principles behind the subject he was talking about were justified in having sight of the principles of attraction.

With that said, Hill did investigate all the concepts that are required to consistently manifest what you want –  regardless of whether you want a great relationship, good health, fiscal success, sexual success, material success, or any other objective.

As always in any material on the matter that is worthy of the law of attraction and the acceptance of manifestation, the key component is to form a very clear objective and then see yourself in a picture of the world as if you already have that goal, that objective, that outcome, in your world.

Vivid detail is crucial because by using a detailed, vivid, and in-depth image, you can produce a personally significant reason for your aim. This is essential. Just weakly, pathetically, thinking that you’d like a zillion dollars for some reason – to have a good time, maybe! – is not likely to work.

Because without powerful motivation, without a fervent desire to do something for the betterment of humanity, you will not possess the emotional force that fires up the universe and makes it start creating your desired outcomes.

Enthusiastic desire and complete belief about the possibility of you achieving your goal are both vital for it to manifest in your situation.

Belief and expectation are emotions that add power to your desire. Belief and expectation kick it up a notch, as Chef Emeril would say. Your thoughts and feelings come from your beliefs about how life works. It all starts with your belief system. If you believe the purpose of life is joy, your life will be filled with joy. If you believe life is hard, it will be filled with hardship. To transform a mediocre life into a meteoric life, expand what you believe is possible.

What is a belief, anyway? A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking, which means you can transform your beliefs by choosing different thoughts. The feeling of empowerment is a practiced thought as is the feeling of powerlessness. And you can change limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs by choosing thoughts that feel good.

So, if everything is determined by what you believe, how do you get yourself to believe something you don’t currently believe? Start with a clear, strong, passionate desire and talk yourself into believing you can have it. Set your intentions. Employ the power of dreaming, imagining, and visualizing. Start small. Start with something that you have less resistance about. Keep taking the next step – I did this, so I bet I can do that. When you have confidence in one area, keep building on that until you get yourself to believe that you CAN be and do and have whatever you desire.

You might, for example, desire to work on some good cause or a humane charity or other compassionate objectives when you have lots of money. What makes this work is to find out what makes your heart sing with joy, and then set out to reach that aim. And it is (or can be) crucial to get support from a mastermind group, consisting of supportive people who are entirely behind you while you strive to achieve your desired objective.

A group of people operating collectively produce a degree of originality and force more than the power of the group added together. In fact, the true power of a mastermind group is energetic energy which taps into the Universal Laws of Attraction to manifest your objective. To do this, you must have complete belief in the chance of achieving your desirable consequence. In other words, should you feel any uncertainties, or should you doubt the manifestation process, your goal will not be produced.

To deal with beliefs that inhibit your achievement of an objective, you need to examine your subconscious beliefs and explore how to amend them in some way so you can replace them with some new beliefs which allow you to work positively towards your goal.

Good Health: Acid Reflux Remedies


Among all the medical information and this information that is available on the Internet about stomach health, you may well be wondering what is the best remedy for acid reflux.

My belief is that there can be some effective relief obtained from using home remedies, but that you need to be discriminating about the ones you use so that you are not falling into the hands of people who want to sell you “a quick remedy for a quick buck”.

The truth Is that home remedies have been used for decades by people who have investigated the curative properties of the plants and natural substances around us.

The knowledge of these curative properties of been enhanced by the power of lifestyle changes, the need for which has become apparent to us in the 21st century.

Now, none of this is to say that medical advice should not be sought, because acid reflux can be a very serious problem, and as I know from my personal experience, stomach pain can be excruciating if you have a severe case of excess stomach acid.

However, this work by Jeff Martin seems to have a reasonable level of accurate information about how to cure acid reflux.

It is of course that extreme pain leads people to use hydrogen blockers and antagonists (Zantac), and the more recent generation of stomach acid medication known as proton pump inhibitors PPIs like Omeprazole, aka Prilosec,), whose purpose is to prevent the production of acid in the stomach.

Video on Heartburn No More

Some side-effects can indeed be quite serious.

 For example, proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec have been associated with bone demineralization, and increasing susceptibility to the unpleasant infection Clostridium difficile.

Nearly a generation of stomach acid inhibitors called hydrogen agonists, like Tagamet and Zantac, certainly can produce uncomfortable stomach cramps and bloating, and although very good douching acid they don’t work for everyone.

 In the face of such a difficult situation, it’s hard to know where to turn, but I think the compelling point to me has always been the addictive quality of proton pump inhibitors.

 They can be challenging to come off because there’s a rebound effect when you stop taking them which actually makes the stomach acid far worse than it was in the first instance, and this effectively as a barrier to stopping using them.

 Now what I said above – that home remedies aren’t necessarily a cure-all – is true but there has been plenty of research conducted to demonstrate that they can be effective.

 And since a lot of stomach acid problems are lifestyle-related, it’s not hard to imagine that home remedies can be effective against this problem.

 My suggestion is that you try out one of the more effective, and well-proven home remedies, that is sold by a respectable company known as click bank, and to offer an are no-quibbles 60-day money-back guarantee.

 This means that you can try the solution without any fear of losing your money, and you can get support and advice from the author of the program by e-mail at any time.

 I would add that it’s necessary to be very discriminating if you read reviews of this product on the Internet because like all Clickbank products, it has become susceptible to those people who want to sell it to make a quick buck, and who write false reviews that have no basis in reality.

 I would like to think that my own review is more substantive and genuine than most of the ones you can read on the Internet. 

Your Diet and Your Health!

Heartburn no more is a powerful cure for acid reflux.

Heartburn No More is a program written by Jeff Martin, a former acid reflux sufferer, who decided to turn his attention to healing others after managing to find a cure for his own acid reflux.

Video – acid reflux and heartburn no more

It’s a compelling title, isn’t it? Heartburn No More. But after the development of effective medication to cure acid reflux such as proton pump inhibitors, and hydrogen blockers or agonists, like Prilosec and Zantac respectively, is it really necessary to turn to home remedies?

After all, home remedies sound like something out of the dark ages of medicine!

It’s almost as though we can’t rely on the medical profession, and so we turned to age-old remedies passed down to us by our grandparents. Can this be correct in the 21st century?

Well, I think one of the things that you have to understand here before making judgments about home remedies is the fact that the reason they have been passed down to us by our grandparents is that they actually work quite effectively!

You can check out my judgments about Heartburn No More here and see what you think for yourself.

Our ancestors used medication is derived from plants, And these were based on millennia of experience and research — admittedly not scientific research, in the way that drugs are developed today, but certainly research of an effective and practical kind by those who specialized in healing in ancient society.

And nowadays of course we also have our modern knowledge of lifestyle modification and an understanding of the way in which stress can play into psychosomatic disease and illness like acid reflux.

If you put these two threads of thinking together, it’s not hard to understand how an effective program of lifestyle modification and home remedies could possibly impact on the serious nature of acid reflux.

And yet at the same time, I’m not suggesting that you take all your medical knowledge and throw it aside! Indeed, far from it, because one of the powerful benefits of modern medicine is the immediate and effective nature of cures for acid reflux.

Proton pump inhibitors and hydrogen blockers, or hydrogen agonists, like Prilosec and Zantac, are a powerful cure for acid reflux, and offer immediate relief from the pain. Equally, the use of antibiotics can kill Helicobacter pylori infections which are known to be a factor in the development of stomach ulcers.

So I think what we need is a middle way: the minimal use of medication, combined with the maximum use of effective home remedies.

And it’s here that Jeff Martin, and his program Heartburn No More, score highly. For one thing, Jeff Martin has spoken from his own experience, and his cures for acid reflux are based on sound common sense.

More to the point, however, is the fact that if you look around the Internet, you find only positive reviews that this program — at least, the vast majority of reviews are positive, and the truth Is that Heartburn No More need not represent a threat to you in any way, because that moneyback guarantee, and the treatment is recommended within it are so commonplace that they pose no medical risk.

So of course that raises the question of what you have to lose if you try this? I mean I think the answer to that is actually nothing, but you certainly could save a great deal on doctors’ fees and on the price of prescribed or over-the-counter medication.

Once again, you can check out my review of heartburn no more by clicking on the link here.