Manifestation: Ways To Create The Things You Truly Want

We do have the ability to produce our objective reality; what I am saying by this is that given adequate commitment, along with the appropriate spiritual issues being satisfied, we can all manifest the reality that we desire in the world around us.

A lot of people deride this, saying The Laws of Creation, which are also called the Cosmic of Attraction, are rubbish.

We are pleased to present the second in a series of videos that promote science and critical thinking through the use of humor, wit, and satire. In this video, B.Y.T.H. Busters: The Secret Law of Attraction, Adam Average, and Jamie Imtheman put the “Law of Attraction” to the test. If you missed our first video, The Con Academy, watch it now!

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However, should you consider the history of research on this type of technique it appears mysterious and magical, which is maybe why the facts have been kept in secrecy for so many centuries?

Yet, in every country, there have been magicians and sensitive men and women, shamans, and hidden groups dedicated to understanding and applying the laws of attraction for an edge on the planet. Neither is there is anything cryptic about this. It’s a wonderful and normal human talent.

And remarkably it seems the Bible describes the law of attraction, most obviously when one sees the verse: “As a man thinketh in his heart so he is”.

The first modern-day conceptualization of the concepts of manifestation was studied and detailed by Napoleon Hill, who summarized the principles of manifestation in his amazing book “Think and Grow Rich”. This work has been regarded as a classic to this day.

Hill provided hints throughout the pages of his book about the methods of creation. And boy, were they obscure! It was as though he believed that only men and women who could conceptualize the principles behind the subject he was talking about were justified in having sight of the principles of attraction.

With that said, Hill did investigate all the concepts that are required to consistently manifest what you want –  regardless of whether you want a great relationship, good health, fiscal success, sexual success, material success, or any other objective.

As always in any material on the matter that is worthy of the law of attraction and the acceptance of manifestation, the key component is to form a very clear objective and then see yourself in a picture of the world as if you already have that goal, that objective, that outcome, in your world.

Vivid detail is crucial because by using a detailed, vivid, and in-depth image, you can produce a personally significant reason for your aim. This is essential. Just weakly, pathetically, thinking that you’d like a zillion dollars for some reason – to have a good time, maybe! – is not likely to work.

Because without powerful motivation, without a fervent desire to do something for the betterment of humanity, you will not possess the emotional force that fires up the universe and makes it start creating your desired outcomes.

Enthusiastic desire and complete belief about the possibility of you achieving your goal are both vital for it to manifest in your situation.

Belief and expectation are emotions that add power to your desire. Belief and expectation kick it up a notch, as Chef Emeril would say. Your thoughts and feelings come from your beliefs about how life works. It all starts with your belief system. If you believe the purpose of life is joy, your life will be filled with joy. If you believe life is hard, it will be filled with hardship. To transform a mediocre life into a meteoric life, expand what you believe is possible.

What is a belief, anyway? A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking, which means you can transform your beliefs by choosing different thoughts. The feeling of empowerment is a practiced thought as is the feeling of powerlessness. And you can change limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs by choosing thoughts that feel good.

So, if everything is determined by what you believe, how do you get yourself to believe something you don’t currently believe? Start with a clear, strong, passionate desire and talk yourself into believing you can have it. Set your intentions. Employ the power of dreaming, imagining, and visualizing. Start small. Start with something that you have less resistance about. Keep taking the next step – I did this, so I bet I can do that. When you have confidence in one area, keep building on that until you get yourself to believe that you CAN be and do and have whatever you desire.

You might, for example, desire to work on some good cause or a humane charity or other compassionate objectives when you have lots of money. What makes this work is to find out what makes your heart sing with joy, and then set out to reach that aim. And it is (or can be) crucial to get support from a mastermind group, consisting of supportive people who are entirely behind you while you strive to achieve your desired objective.

A group of people operating collectively produce a degree of originality and force more than the power of the group added together. In fact, the true power of a mastermind group is energetic energy which taps into the Universal Laws of Attraction to manifest your objective. To do this, you must have complete belief in the chance of achieving your desirable consequence. In other words, should you feel any uncertainties, or should you doubt the manifestation process, your goal will not be produced.

To deal with beliefs that inhibit your achievement of an objective, you need to examine your subconscious beliefs and explore how to amend them in some way so you can replace them with some new beliefs which allow you to work positively towards your goal.