Cure Acid Reflux With This Excellent Program

So what exactly do you get for your money?

Like many Internet products, Heartburn No More offers a basic package and an advanced package. With the advanced package, you get the basic package plus a high-quality DVD and a cookbook designed to give you lots of options for food that will help cure acid reflux.

I’ll discuss the advanced package in another post lower down this page. To start with I want to talk about the basic package.

What’s In Heartburn No More?

The main item within the Heartburn No More system is an eBook that consists of an amazing 214 pages of information about this proven drug-free holistic system for eliminating acid reflux and remedying heartburn.

When I first saw this my heart sank because I thought 214 pages was a week’s worth of reading – but things were desperate, so I dove straight in.

It’s an extremely well-organized eBook that starts by explaining exactly what heartburn and acid reflux are, and what really causes them – you might be surprised to learn about some of the things responsible. You may know about smoking and alcohol, but yeast infections, certain medications, and eating certain foods are more surprising causes of acid reflux.

Then there’s a section on how stomach problems are diagnosed, describing the signs and symptoms of acid reflux and reflux disease, followed by more information about the complications that can arise.

The author, Jeff Martin, then moves into a comparison of holistic medicine, which I prefer to call complementary medicine, and conventional medicine, for the treatment of heartburn.

He explains how to find out the causes and remedies for heartburn and acid reflux in your own particular situation.

What I particularly liked about this section is the way Jeff Martin describes various heartburn remedies, both natural and from doctors and drug companies. He has some amazing information on the “traps” in treating heartburn.

For example, he questions what incentive a doctor has to help you find a home remedy for heartburn in self-help methods, complementary therapies, and a truly holistic approach to illness? Answer – almost none. Your doctor is most likely tied into heartburn treatments which are drug-based solutions.

After that you’re into the “meat” of the program – apologies to any vegetarians reading this! – with the Heartburn No More “mini-program”, which gets you started quickly, and deals with the worst symptoms almost immediately. 

Next comes the full, holistic, 5-step system, which gives you PERMANENT heartburn relief.

There are 10 dietary principles that form the basis of the 5-step system.

In addition, Jeff Martin also describes a whole load of supplements and cleansing processes you can use to restore your system to its normal balance.

Think of that as the foundation stone from which you can move onwards and upwards, with a slightly different diet and a slightly different lifestyle (nothing difficult, mind!) to ensure acid reflux and heartburn never return.

I especially liked his section on cleansing, because the truth is that our modern diets are not wonderful, containing too much meat, sugar and fat…. and by simply adopting a different diet for a few days you can purify and cleanse your system and get back to where you should be. It’s quite amazing.

Now, as I have already hinted, the author, Jeff Martin, goes on to explain how you can use heartburn remedies to maintain a completely balanced, acid-reflux-free environment in your digestive tract.

As you can imagine, that is one of the most valuable aspects of the whole eBook.

Another very useful section is the appendices: number one, about complementary treatments for heartburn; number two, about detoxification diets; numbers three and four, about liver and gall bladder flushes; and number five, full of helpful tips from real customers, a beautiful section of valuable feedback from people who have used this program as a natural remedy for acid reflux and the remediation of heartburn.

While that does seem like a lot of information, what saves this from being overwhelming is the Heartburn No More mini program to get you started. That gives you instant results, and then you can take the rest of the program a little bit at a time. I really like that approach.

A very extensive Handbook on such things as how fasting, exercise, diet, massage, yoga, and nutrition (and a whole load more by the way), can serve as tools to increase your health and vitality. It’s certainly an interesting read but I have to be honest and say that I didn’t really use it much.

The information that you need to heal the pain and damage of acid reflux is in the main eBook.

My mom, for whom we bought the system, read it over a period of 3 to 4 weeks, and as a result, she is now taking several supplements that she swears have made a massive difference to her health.

She also identified several allergies, and now avoids certain foods, which again she believes has made a massive difference to her well-being.

We all agree she does look a lot brighter, more sparkly, more clear-eyed, and frankly a lot more energetic than before!

How and When To Be Your Own Doctor

An interesting, rather extensive eBook, written by a doctor who moved into the field of natural cures, when she became convinced that much modern medicine was counter-productive, if not even unhelpful.

She says many common conditions can be treated without reference to medical practitioners! Again, it’s an interesting read, but it’s not really about curing acid reflux itself.

The great thing about it lies in the fact that you can make a decision about how far you want to go with self-medication and self-care before resorting to medication from your doctor.

The Healing Power of Water

It’s fascinating to see what a doctor within the medical profession has to say about natural remedies vs medical treatment. In some ways, there was never a better case for natural remedies than this!

The Definitive Guide to Managing IBS

And what can I say about this? It really is exactly what it says, and if you know anyone with irritable bowel syndrome, this will be extremely useful for them.

The combination of acupuncture, dietary modification, and mind/body therapy is a powerful and effective way to cure IBS.

Read on below to find out more about the advanced material in Heartburn No More.