Acid Reflux Remedies

If you have acid reflux you want a remedy. The pain can be excruciating. I guess you already know that because you’re looking at this website.

So what are your options? Well, one of the remarkable things about the Internet is how information about home remedies has spread so widely and so quickly. You can now get a good solution for almost any common condition – including, I’m happy to say, acid reflux remedies and heartburn remedies.

I think acid reflux home remedies are so popular because they can be just as effective as medical solutions, and they’re a lot cheaper.

But I’m not saying that medical treatments can’t be helpful. Far from it.

Back in 1984, Zantac saved me from the agonizing stomach pain of a stress-induced ulcer. (Zantac was only available on prescription at the time.) To this day, I can remember the relief I felt when the burning pain diminished and then finally died away.

Unfortunately, I soon developed some pretty unpleasant side effects: intensely uncomfortable cramping pains in my guts, bloating, and depression.

Although Zantac and its equivalent products are still on the market, and these days they are available over-the-counter, plenty of people who would prefer to try and natural remedies for acid reflux.

Think about the latest drugs being used to control heartburn and acid reflux – ones like omeprazole. Now regarded as the “gold standard” for controlling acid reflux, the evidence is now emerging that long-term use of these drugs has all kinds of subtle and not-so-subtle side effects.

In people over 50, they increase the risk of spine, hip, and wrist fractures by 100%. That’s because they affect bone formation. They can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency. They’ve been shown to increase the risk of catching pneumonia, and they massively increase the risk of gastrointestinal infection with organisms like Clostridium difficile. There are many other side-effects, too – magnesium deficiency, kidney failure, liver failure… the list goes on.

And because there are many side effects, how can you take these drugs long-term and be sure you’re safe?

The sad answer to this question is: you cannot be sure you are safe while taking these drugs. You simply cannot take these modern medications and be sure that your health will be safeguarded. But you can be safe using a traditional acid reflux remedy

For short-term prescription – fine. Long-term – no way. That’s my opinion. 

And I think that’s where an acid reflux home remedy can be so much more attractive. For one thing, such remedies allow you to take responsibility for your own health. While you might want to get a medical prescription for short-term relief, longer-term you might want to try using proven, effective acid reflux remedies that stand a good chance of curing your symptoms once and for all.

That seems like a great idea to me.

By the way, my name is Rod Phillips and I’m a therapist, living in the UK. My partner, Maria Edwards, who’s a complementary therapist, and I have worked together on this website.

My clients are all people who want to improve the quality of their life by using natural remedies and natural treatments for all kinds of problems. The fact is, they are among hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who can testify to the effectiveness of home remedies, natural medicines, and holistic or complementary therapies.

Heartburn No More – Top Choice Among Heartburn Remedies

The “home remedy” program I’m recommending for dealing with acid reflux and GERD is called Heartburn No More.

And I’m recommending it to you because I’ve tried it out on my own clients. During 2012 I recommended it to 60 clients with acid reflux, and it worked for about 50 of them. They are now pain-free. Symptom-free. Their lives restored.

That’s a pretty impressive success rate. But before I show you my Heartburn No More review, before I tell you what it’s all about one more thing. If you want to try it, you can do so with no financial risk whatsoever. It’s available with 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

That makes it risk-free.

And I think 60 days is long enough to give it a try and know if it’s right for you. Long enough to know if this is an acid reflux remedy that’s going to cure the symptoms of acid reflux, GERD, and heartburn that you currently experience.

So what is it?

It’s a holistic package of remedies for heartburn. This means it will change many different aspects of your life. Not just the symptoms of heartburn, but how well you sleep, how much stress you feel, how much energy you have, how positive and optimistic you feel….. and of course it totally eliminates the factors that might be giving you stomach problems.

It’s written by a guy called Jeff Martin who killed off his own acid reflux symptoms by using these holistic treatments and acid reflux remedies. (By the way, he’s online every day to give you support within 24 hours if you have any questions.)

A video about these issues!

So what do you get for your money?

There are two options when you buy into this: the basic package, and the advanced package. The advanced package includes the basic package and adds a high-quality DVD and a cookbook with hundreds of delicious options for food that will end symptoms of heartburn, acid indigestion, and reflux symptoms.

Let’s start by talking about the basic package. This is a 214 page eBook packed full of information about acid reflux remedies.

I think 214 pages is a bit much, but the good news is that you can absorb the chapter summaries without reading everything. Then, if you want more detail on something, you can take your pick. The chapter summaries give you all the information you need to deal with the problems you’re experiencing.

The book starts by explaining what acid reflux symptoms and heartburn symptoms represent, and what really causes them. There are some surprises in store for you here: did you know, for example, that yeast infections can be a cause of acid reflux symptoms?

Jeff Martin then compares holistic medicine and natural acid reflux remedies with conventional medicine and considers what they both have to offer in the treatment of heartburn. This is a really interesting section, and you’ll certainly look at your doctor’s advice differently after you’ve read it!

But the real backbone of the program is a 5 step system which gives you permanent relief from heartburn and acid reflux using suitable home remedies.

There are 10 dietary principles behind this 5 step system. It’s all about finding the best diet right for you – the one which will prevent heartburn from ever happening again.

In addition to these 10 dietary principles, Jeff Martin describes a ton of supplements and cleansing routines which will give you the chance of putting everything in your system back into balance. After you’ve done this, you can use his ongoing diet advice and lifestyle changes to ensure your acid reflux never, ever comes back.

I don’t know whether you’re into cleansing and fasting, but don’t worry about it if you’ve never tried it before! (Yes, cleansing and fasting are part of the treatment program!) Nothing in this book is difficult or unpleasant, and the heartburn remedies he describes are all designed to be practical for people living a modern lifestyle.

And Jeff Martin also talks about heartburn remedies and other complementary therapies that work well to help cure your acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and heartburn. Not only that, but he also tells you how you can ensure your whole digestive tract is in balance and running smoothly …. to stop heartburn ever returning …. and, just as important, he explains how you can dramatically increase your health and vitality.

I don’t think there’s another information product available on the Internet that contains more high-quality and useful information than Heartburn No More.

Not only do you get the 214 page eBook which reveals the best acid reflux remedies, the best heartburn remedies, and GERD solutions, but you also get all this amazing high-powered information about how to keep your body in a state of perfect health — or at least, as near to it as you can get!

The advanced package contains everything in the basic package with an additional DVD and cookbook. The DVD, or downloadable video, describes a program that will immediately stop the pain of acid reflux. On-screen, Jeff Martin gives you complete instructions about what to do, what to eat, what supplements to use, and a simple formula that will end the pain and discomfort of acid reflux within two days.

You also have a cookbook unique to this program, specially designed for acid reflux remedies and GERD and heartburn sufferers. It contains 150 delicious recipes that are designed to work in harmony with your stomach and gut so you don’t get any more symptoms of acid reflux, ever…..

You also get instructions on how to change what you’re eating so that you don’t have any adverse or allergic reactions; you get complete meal plans; you get information about which foods you can eat together safely, and a whole lot more besides. Acid reflux symptoms, acid reflux treatment, acid reflux causes – you name it.

This is absolutely fantastic stuff for anyone who’s got stomach problems, heartburn symptoms, symptoms of acid reflux, or requires GERD treatments or remedies.

If you want to say goodbye to belching, nausea, acid burning, and all those other horrible reflux symptoms…. well, Heartburn No More is the one for you.